Applicants are requested to be at the Consulate by 09:15 AM. Late comers are likely to wait.

Applications with online appointments will be served on appointed time (please make an appointment). Others will have wait for their turn.

  • All applicants have to be physically present in the Consulate for Photo, finger prints and Data Entry.
  • It is mandatory to return the original CNIC / NICOP when applying for Smart NICOP.
  • Do not forget to bring original documents along with photocopies.
  • Marital status of both parents MUST be mentioned in the NADRA record (Urdu CNIC Data) when applying for their children; otherwise their cases would not be processed.
  • Application would be scrutinized at NADRA HQs and would be processed after approval.
  • Pakistanis, with Manual ID cards and / or expired old passports, must see Manager NADRA for approval with Birth Certificate, Matric / O-Level certificate and blood relative’s citizen number. Submit all documents in original.
  • These INSTRUCTIONS are in general. You may be asked to submit more documents if the documents that you have attached are insufficient to varify your Pakistani identity. Your application would be kept on hold till the provision of all required documents.
  • Your application is likely to be rejected if:
    • An applicant fails to provide the CRC, CNIC, NICOP or MNIC number already issued to him / her by NADRA.
    • In case if two citizenship numbers have been issued in the applicant's name, one of the numbers is to be cancelled before being eligible to apply for Smart NICOP.
    • Pakistanis having refugee status in Canada are not eligible to apply for SNICOP till they get PR Card.

New Smart NICOP Executive Fee C$130.00 + C$12.00 (Home Delivery Charges) = C$142.00 for each applicant.

New Smart NICOP Fee C$105.00 + C$12.00 (Home Delivery Charges) = C$117.00 for each applicant.

Duplicate clearance application fee C$15

How to Pay Fee

Applicants are encouraged to pay fee either by Debit Card or Bank Draft only in respect of NADRA Pakistan. Fee is non-refundable.


Applicants are encouraged to pay fee either by Debit Card or Bank Draft only in respect of NADRA, Pakistan. Fee is non-refundable.

  • Copy of valid Pakistani / Foreign passport.
  • CNIC / NICOP / CRC / MNIC number.
  • CNIC / NICOP numbers of parents.
  • In case of married applicant: CNIC / NICOP number of spouse (copy of passport where spouse is not a Pakistani).
  • Copy of legal status in Canada (PR / Canadian Passport etc)

Note: In case Smart NICOP is not received within 15 days, kindly contact us by email only with your tracking number for an update (avoid phone call please). Smart NICOP cannot be tracked online.

Children Born in Canada
  • Valid Canadian passport.
  • Long Form of Birth Certificate.
  • Those already have a NICOP need copy of Canadian passport.
Change of Marital Status
  • Newly Married: CNIC / NICOP number of spouse and Nikah Nama.
  • Divorcee: Divorce Papers.
  • Widow: Death Certificate of spouse.
  • Re-marriage: Divorce papers or Death certificate of spouse and CNIC / NICOP and new Nikah Nama.
Change of Permanent Address
  • Land Registry / Domicile / Property allotment letter against his/her (or parents) name.
Change of Date of Birth
  • Birth certificate (original).
  • Matriculation certificate (original).
  • Canadian Passport.
Note : Additional fee would be charged which varies from case to case.
Change of Religion
  • Certificate issued by a registered Islamic Centre.
Change of Name
  • Addition of Family Name:
  • No documents are required if only the family name is added e.g. Malik, Khan, & Mian etc.
  • Born in Pakistan: Copy of Name Change document duly attested by Manager NADRA.
  • Born in Canada under 18 years: Copy of newly issued Long Form of Birth Certificate duly attested by Manager NADRA.
  • Born in Canada above 18 years: (Same as born in Pakistan)
  • Police report is required for the Lost NICOP / CNIC.

Note: Data Form is to be used only as a help for data entry in the system. Print out of the data entered in the system would be given to you for your approval and signatures. Applicant would be responsible for any error after applicant’s signature. So be careful in checking the printout given to you for signatures. If you see any errors, get those corrected before signing it.

Line # 1 Select Type of Application – Check NEW if you are applying for SNICOP for the first time.

Line # 2 Write CNIC / NICOP number of the family head with relationship. (Must be 13 digits)

Line # 4 Write applicant’s name

Line # 5,6 Write Applicant’s NICOP / CNIC / CRC / MNIC number. Write applicant’s name in URDU.

Line # 7,8 & 9 Write father’s name in English, his CNIC / NICOP / MNIC number and his name in URDU.

Line # 10, 11 & 12 Write mother’s name in English, her CNIC / NICOP / MNIC number and her name in URDU.

Line # 13,14 & 15 Write spouse’s name in English, CNIC / NICOP / MNIC number and name in URDU.

Line # 16 to 22 Fill the information correctly as required. Any error here may lead to rejection of your application. (Write deceased / divorced where applicable.

Line # 23 Write complete address in Canada with postal code. Not more than 45 characters including spaces.

Line # 24 Write complete address in Pakistan (with Tehsil & District). Not more than 45 characters including spaces.

Line # 25 Write status in case of Jammu & Kashmir Citizen.

Line # 26 Write Home and Cell Phone numbers & email address in capital letters.

Line # 27 Write Blood Group (optional).

Line # 28 Choose appropriate boxes.

Line # 29 Attester signature, name, ID number, phone number. Attester should not be from your family.

Line # 33 Blood relative information. Name, relation and his/her CNIC/NICOP number. (Real brother / sister, real son / daughter, real father / mother, paternal grand father). NICOP / CNIC of son/ daughter must be issued after the age of 18 years.

Note: Avoid phone calls please.